Man Threatens Officer’s Kids Then Fights Cops

Man Threatens Officer’s Kids Then Fights Cops

Queens, NY – A man lost a fight with a group of New York’s finest during his arrest for threatening to go to an officer’s house and “f**k up” his kids. The incident was captured on video.


The incident happened Thursday afternoon in Far Rockaway at 13-24 Beach Channel Drive, according to New York Post.

The witness who recorded the incident told New York Post that Sean Marcellin, 24, was waiting to pull into Empire Car Wash when officers puled in behind him.


The officers stopped Marcellin for not using his turn signal. During the stop he was unable to show that he had a driver’s license, showing only a learner’s permit.


Marcellin was immediately mouthy with the plainclothes cops, saying, “Why the f**k are you pulling me over?” He then made some inaudible threats.


The situation continued as an officer repeatedly asked Marcellin for his name.


“I’m going to find out where you live right now, and I’ll f**k your kids up, f**kin f****t,” Marcellin responded.


After Marcellin repeatedly refused to get out of the car, the officers opened his door and pulled him out to arrest him. Marcellin then resisted arrest.


One officer tased Marcellin, while others wrestled him to the ground. After a short fight, officers were able to get him in custody.


Marcellin’s father told the New York Post that he was very surprised and upset about the incident until he saw the video.


“He should have just complied with the police. I always talk to him about this,” he told New York Post.


Marcellin was arrested for making terroristic threats, resisting arrest, and obstructing government administration, and ticketed for driving without a license and not using a turn signal, according to New York Post.


One of Marcellin’s lawyers told the New York Post that it was a racial issue.


“When the cops stopped him, they didn’t come over to him nicely, they said, ‘Give me your f**king license,’ and pounded on his car,” she said. “Here’s a kid who’s just frustrated … he can’t be black in Far Rockaway without being stopped by police.”


She added that Marcellin’s threat to find out where the officer lived and “f**k up” his kids was “obviously not a real threat.”


Doctor Arrested For Hiring Hitman To Murder Popular Radio Host Wife

Doctor Arrested For Hiring Hitman To Murder Popular Radio Host Wife

Mays Landing, New Jersey – Nearly six years after a popular Jersey Shore radio host and military veteran advocate was murdered, police have arrested her physician husband in a murder-for-hire plot, prosecutors announced on Tuesday.


Dr. James Kauffman, 68, a prominent endocrinologist, had long been rumored to be involved with the May 10, 2012 shooting death of his wife, 47-year-old April Kauffman.

His wife was found dead in the couple’s Linwood home, The Inquirerreported.


“As a result of April Kauffman’s desire to divorce James Kauffman, he was intent to have her killed, as opposed to losing his ‘financial empire,’ as he described it to several individuals,” Atlantic County Prosecutor Damon Tyner explained during a 4 p.m. news conference on Jan. 9.


According to ABC News, April had learned that James and another man, Ferdinand Augello, 61, had established an illegal opioid drug distribution scheme through James’ medical practice.


When April threatened to divorce him and to expose his illegal network, James decided to have his wife killed, prosecutors said.


Investigators said that James asked Augello to hire a hitman, and that Augello then “propositioned a number of individuals” from The Pagans outlaw motorcycle gang to murder April, according to prosecutors.


After approximately a year of conspiring, James and Augello paid Francis “Frank” Mullholland at least $20,000 to kill James’ wife, The Inquirer reported.


Mullholland shot April twice in her bedroom, after her husband left for work. Her body was discovered by a handyman who took care of the couple’s pet birds.


Prosecutors said that James continued to work with members of the motorcycle gang, and that he used his medical practice to facilitate the illegal drug ring for another five years.


That all ended on June 17, 2017, when investigators executed a search warrant at his office, ABC News reported.


As police swarmed in, James pulled out a 9mm handgun and shouted, “I’m not going to jail for this!” The Inquirer reported.


He threatened to commit suicide, leading to a standoff.


Ultimately, James was taken into custody, and was charged with weapons offenses and threatening officers, ABC News reported.


He has remained in custody since that time, and his medical license has been suspended, CBS News reported.


On Tuesday, James and Augello were charged with murder, first-degree murder, first-degree racketeering, and leading a narcotic trafficking organization, The Inquirer reported.


Prosecutors said that Augello also attempted to kill James at one point, and that he faces an additional charge of conspiracy to commit murder.


Augello’s ex-wife, Beverly Augello, was charged with first-degree racketeering.


Prosecutors said that she picked up the money used to pay Mullholland, as well as prescriptions for illegal drugs.


Five other individuals were also charged with racketeering offenses, prosecutors said.


Mullholland died of a drug overdose in 2013.


Shortly after the Tuesday announcement that her stepfather had been charged, April’s daughter, 35-year-old Kimberly Pack, addressed reporters in the lobby of her attorney’s office.


“As you can imagine, today is a very, very difficult day for me and for my family,” Pack said.


She thanked prosecutors, investigators, and the many people who provided her with support over the years as she fought to keep her mother’s case from being forgotten.


“As a victim, May 10, 2012 forever changed my life,” she said. “I have been waiting patiently for justice, and today I was lucky enough to be granted justice.”


“I do understand that this is going to be a very long process, and this is by no means over,” Pack continued. “I think for the first time, today I can actually breathe.”


Man Calls 9-1-1 On Himself For Driving Drunk

Man Calls 9-1-1 On Himself For Driving Drunk


Winter Haven, Fla. – A Florida man called 911 to report a drunk driver who happened to be himself.


Michael Lester, 39, called 911 shortly before 9 p.m. on New Year’s Eve to tell the police he wasn’t in any condition to be driving around. Police released the call on Jan. 5.

“I dunno. I’m drunk. I don’t know where I’m at,” Lester told a dispatcher when asked for his location, according to the Orlando Sentinel.


Lester later told the dispatcher he was driving the wrong way near a supermarket in Winter Haven.


He said he had been driving around all night “trying to get pulled over,” he said.


“I think I’m going to go get something to eat and they can catch up with me,” he told the dispatcher.


Before hanging up, Lester appeared to become angry with the 911 dispatcher. He refused to give his name and was irritated when the dispatcher urged him to pull over.


“You don’t need to tell me what to do,” he said before hanging up, according to WTVT-TV.


Polk County Sheriff’s Office deputies found Lester in his red Ford F-150.


Lester’s car was traveling half in a left turn lane and the other half in another lane when deputies stopped his truck, according to police.


“I ordered the driver to step out of the vehicle and he just sat there and stared at me as if he was confused,” a deputy wrote in an arrest report, according to the Orlando Sentinel.


Lester failed a series of field-sobriety tests and was arrested on a charge of driving under the influence.


At first, he told deputies that he only drank two beers, but later said it may have been three or four.


Lester also told deputies he had taken meth early that morning, and he had only slept four hours during the past four days, according to the arrest report.


VIDEO: Teacher Arrested During School Board Meeting

VIDEO: Teacher Arrested During School Board Meeting


Vermilion Parish, LA – A Louisiana English teacher was arrested at a school board meeting on Monday night. (video below).


Deyshia Hargrave was booked into the city jail on charges of remaining after being forbidden, and resisting an officer, KATC reported.


Much of Hargrave’s interaction with the school board was recorded by a KATC news crew that was in attendance. A second video was also recorded by an unnamed person in the audience.


During a public comment portion of the meeting, Hargrave was called upon and expressed her thoughts regarding teacher salaries and pay raises, KATC reported.


“I have a serious issue with a superintendent or any person in a position of leadership getting any type of raise. I feel like it’s a slap in the face to all the teachers, cafeteria workers and any other support staff we have. We work very hard with very little to maintain the salaries that we have,” she said.


“We’re doing the work. The students are doing the work,” Hargrave continued. “While someone in a position of leadership is getting a raise? It’s a sad, sad day to be a teacher in Vermilion Parish.”


School Board President Anthony Fontana ruled Hargrave out of order and warned Hargrave that she was only allowed to comment, not ask the board questions, The Washington Post reported.


Hargrave sat down, but stood to speak a second time later in the meeting.


She started asking the board members questions and the board again told her that she was speaking outside of the agenda.


A Deputy City Marshal employed by the Vermilion school district approached Hargrave, and calmly told her she needed to leave.


“Excuse me,” she said to the officer dismissively. Hargrave ignored the officer and tried to speak around him.


The officer reached towards Hargrave’s elbow, but she pulled away.


“Do not,” she said to him.


“You’re going to leave, or I’m going to remove you,” the officer said. “Take your things and go.”


Hargrave slowly left and made a few more arguments as she worked her way out of the room.


The officer then followed her into the hallway.


The video doesn’t show what happened the next 15 seconds until the cameraman went into the hallway. It is unclear what transpired after Hargrave left the room.


In the video, Hargrave appeared to have fallen to her knees while the officer handcuffed her.


“What are you doing?” she screamed. “Are you kidding me?”


The officer helped Hargrave to her feet, and told her to stop resisting.


“I am not! You just pushed me to the floor,” Hargrave declared.


The officer led her from the building as members of the crowd followed behind.


School officials did not want to pursue charges against Hargrave, and Abbeville city attorney Ike Funderburk declined to prosecute her, KATC reported.


“I have reviewed the video and I am not going to approve any charges against the teacher,” Funderburk said. “I talked with the attorney for the school board, and they do not wish to pursue any charges against the teacher.”


It was unclear whether the officer who arrested Hargrave did so of his own accord, or if a member of the school board directed him to remove her.


The Abbeville Police Department has been flooded with calls complaining about the teacher’s treatment, but the department isn’t involved, because the officer was employed by the school board.


KATC reported that Board President Anthony Fontana thinks the whole thing was a set-up, saying:


“If a teacher has the authority to send a student, who is acting up and she can’t control, out of the classroom to the principal’s office, under our policy we have the same rules.


“We have certain rules: three minute speech, it has to be civilized, it can’t get off target, it has to be related to the issue before the board. That’s not what was happening last night.


“The marshal did his job. He went over there to settle it down. He couldn’t settle it down. She’s the one who made the choice to continue speaking,” Fontana said. “He was taking her out. He wasn’t arresting her. He was escorting her out, telling her don’t come back tonight. It escalated out in the hall and she ended up getting arrested.


“He did exactly what he was hired to do. He followed the procedures completely. She’s the one who made the choices that got her arrested “


You can watch the video by CLICKING HERE.


NEW DETAILS: Terry Miles Found With Two Abducted Girls

NEW DETAILS: Terry Miles Found With Two Abducted Girls

Terry Miles has been captured and was found with the two abducted girls in Colorado, according to Round Rock Police Chief Allen Banks.



Miles was captured without incident after being on the run for days. Thank you all for looking, please spread the word that the girls are safe.


Original Story by Holly Matkin

Round Rock, TX – As investigators continue their search for two Texas girls and their abductor, numerous tips have led them to the state of Colorado, police said on Wednesday.


This is still a nationwide manhunt, and they could be anywhere. Please share on social media so we can find these kidnapped girls.


Terry Miles, 44, was recorded by a surveillance camera in Trinidad, Colorado on Dec. 30, 2017, Round Rock Police Chief Allen Banks said during a Wednesday press conference.


Although 14-year-old Lilianais Victoria Cake Griffith and 7-year-old Luluvioletta Mariposo Bandera-Margaret were not with him at that time, Chief Banks said that law enforcement in the area have received numerous tips from individuals who reported having seen the missing girls, even as recently as Wednesday.


“There have been sightings of the three in Colorado,” Chief Banks confirmed. “We know he was in the southern part of Colorado as late as Dec. 30…so we have a heavy presence in southern Colorado.”


A Texas AMBER Alert was cancelled on Wednesday, and a Colorado Amber Alert was activated just hours later, KTRK reported.


Chief Banks said investigators are still searching for the same vehicle – a gray 2017 Hyundai Accent bearing Texas license plate JGH9845.


The vehicle, a hatchback, also has a white sticker in the upper right corner of the back window.


Chief Banks urged the public to remain vigilant in keeping an eye out for the trio, especially at gas stations, convenience stores, truck stops and fast food restaurants.


Griffith is 5 feet, and weighs 100 pounds. She has brown eyes, braces, and a stud on the right side of her nose.


Bandera-Margaret is 4 feet 5 inches, and weighs 75 pounds. She has brown eyes and curly brown hair, with a slight bit of blond at the top of her head.


Miles is 6 feet 2 inches, and weighs 200 pounds. He wears glasses and may have a beard.


Police have been searching for Griffith, Bandera-Margaret, and Miles since Sunday, after the children’s mother, Tonya Bates was found dead in her Round Rock home.


Investigators believe that Miles was Bates’ roommate and said he is a person of interest in Bates’ suspicious death.


According to KXAN, Miles has a long history of violent offenses dating back to 1995, when he was sentenced to two years in prison in California after he was convicted of an inflicting corporal injury on a spouse/cohabitant offense in San Bernardino County.


He was out in less than a year, but was returned to prison twice for parole violations.


In 2002, Miles was sentenced to another two years in prison after he was convicted of inflicting corporal injury on a spouse/cohabitant and for threatening to hurt someone. He was released just over a year later, but was returned to the prison on three occasions due to parole violations.


In Louisiana, Sulphur Police Chief Lewis Coats said that in 2011, Miles attempted to kill a woman he was dating by strangling her, and staged her attempted suicide, KXAN reported.


“He had controlled her mentally and abused her mentally and she had actually filed a false report at the time to say she was raped by a suspect,” Chief Coats said. “But once she got away from his control, she was able to tell the truth — that it wasn’t a rape but a domestic abuse and he tried to strangle her.”


Miles was also the suspect in the 2014 murder of Pamela Parker in Sulphur, Louisiana.


Calcasieu Parish Sheriff Tony Mancuso told KXAN that even though a grand jury failed to indict Miles for the Parker’s beating death due to lack of evidence, he still believes that Miles killed her.


“In this particular case in Round Rock it’s also a beating — which is the same manner of death [of Pamela Parker] — which was never disclosed before this time,” Sheriff Mancuso said. “We know that he likes to beat on women, because he’s got several domestic abuse, battery charges.”


Round Rock police have not released details of Bates’ death.


Miles is on probation in Louisiana, was a “person of interest” in a rape offense, and has numerous domestic violence charges on his record, KXAN reported.


In September of 2013, he was charged for pornography involving juveniles, but the case was dropped in 2015.


“Based on his criminal history, it’s obviously a huge concern,” Chief Banks said during the Wednesday press conference. “Our whole focus is to get these girls home safe.”


Please help spread the word by sharing on social media.


Police are requesting that anyone with information regarding the girls or Miles call 911, or contact the Round Rock Police Department at (512) 218-5516.


UPDATE: Arrest Made: Hoax Phone Call That Led Police To Kill Wichita Man

UPDATE: Arrest Made: Hoax Phone Call That Led Police To Kill Wichita Man

Los Angeles, CA – Los Angeles Police Department arrested Tyler Barriss, 25, on Friday night for allegedly making the hoax phone call that led police to fatally shoot Andrew Finch, 28.


Tyler Barriss’ criminal history shows that he had been arrested in October 2015 for making a bomb threat to KABC-TV, according to KABC.

At the time, he was charged with two felony counts of a false report of a bomb to an agency of business and one felony count of criminal threats. The disposition of those charges is not clear.


Original Story reported by Holly Matkin:

Wichita, KS – Police have confirmed that an online gaming prank known as “swatting” led to an unarmed, uninvolved man being fatally shot by officers on Thursday night, KWCH reported.


Andrew Finch, 28, was killed after an unknown person called 911 and falsely reported that there was a hostage situation at an address where Finch resided.


The ill-conceived “prank” is referred to by online gamers as “swatting,” and occurs when someone makes up a fake story in order to get a SWAT team or heavy police response, The Washington Post reported.


“We were told that someone had an argument with their mother and dad was accidentally shot, and that now that individual was holding brother, sister and mother hostage,” Wichita Police Department (WPD) Deputy Chief Troy Livingston said, according to KAKE. “We learned through that call that the father was deceased…been shot in the head.”


The 9-1-1 Call


In the 911 recording of the call, the male caller said he shot his father in the head, and that he was no longer breathing.


He told the dispatcher he was armed with a black handgun, and that he was pointing the weapon at his mother and his little brother to keep them in the closet.


“I’m definitely not gonna put it away,” the caller told the dispatcher when she asked to put the gun down.


He then told the dispatcher that he already poured gasoline “all over” the house, and that he “might just set it on fire.”


“In a little bit, I might,” the man said.


The caller disconnected with 911 personnel on at least two occasions.


Officers arrived at the 6:20, just two minutes after they received the call, Deputy Chief Livingston said.


They cordoned off the residence, positioned themselves around Finch’s home, and prepared to make contact with the unknown caller. They also considered the possibility of a standoff, Deputy Chief Livingston explained.


The WPD released a 7-second bodycam clip that showed Finch from across the street as he unexpectedly stepped into the doorway.


Officers were heard as they gave him several verbal commands to put his hands up, and to walk towards them.


“The male complied for a very short time, but then moved his hands back down to his waist area,” Deputy Chief Livingston said. “The officers continued to give him verbal commands to put his hands up, but he lowered his hands again.”


As Finch turned towards officers positioned on one side of his house, he lowered his hands to his waistband again, then “suddenly pulled them back up, towards those officers,” Deputy Chief Livingston said.


An officer positioned across the street feared that Finch had just pulled a weapon, and that he was in the process of pointing it at the officers still positioned at the side of the residence.


“Fearing for those officers’ safety, the officer…fired one round, striking the male,” he said.


Officers swarmed the house, and quickly ascertained that there were no hostages, nor a murdered man inside.


Finch was taken to a local hospital, and was pronounced dead just after 7 p.m., KAKE reported.


“We believe this incident is a case of swatting,” Deputy Chief Livingston said.


According to the Wichita Eagle, more than a dozen people involved in the gaming community told the news outlet that two gamers got into an argument, and that one of the individuals initiated a “swatting.”


One of the gamers reportedly gave the second gamer a false address, and when the second gamer gave the address – and the false report – to 911, officers ended up responding to Finch’s home, the Wichita Eagle reported.


“Someone tried to swat me and got an innocent man killed,” on player Tweeted, according to the New York Daily News.


“I DIDNT GET ANYONE KILLED BECAUSE I DIDNT DISCHARGE A WEAPON AND BEING A SWAT MEMBER ISNT MY PROFESSION,” one gamer said on Twitter. Other gamers said he was the one who made the swatting call, the Wichita Eagle reported.


The two players involved in the feud, Miruhcle and Baperizer, have removed themselves from Twitter, Dexerto reported.


Finch was the father of two children – aged 2 and 7, the Wichita Eagle reported.


“He was very kind and caring,” his mother, Lisa Finch said. “He was in gifted classes. He was very artistic. He would do anything for his family.”


One officer, a seven-and-one-half year veteran of the WPD, has been placed on administrative leave, as per protocol for deadly officer-involved incidents, Deputy Chief Livingston said.


Investigation into who placed the deadly 911 call is ongoing.